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Who is Justina

Justina open her salon in 1987, she knew that she wanted to provided professional service to the whole family.  She believes in customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products and an enjoyable atmosphere.  Have a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, she feels that her staff would enjoy working at Justina's Hair Gallery.   Located in the heart of the District of Columbia!  We are equipped with exceptional service, quality products, affordable price, value relationships and an enjoyable atmosphere.  Serving the Washington DC community and beyond, Justina’s Hair Gallery is dedicated to the goal of high customer satisfaction.

The salon offers a variety of hair treatments, styling, cutting, coloring and other beauty services.

A successful salon experience brings empowerment to style and fashion.  Through conscious communication, passion and integrity, Justina’s Hair Gallery works diligently to inspire trust, confidence and creativity amongst our customers.  It is our mission to supply services, products and quality care that will enhance our clients’ physical appearance, mental relaxation and holistic well-being.

Justina's Hair Care Collection

Justina’s Hair Care Products include ingredients that detangle, hydrate and stimulate the hair and scalp. Our products promote hair growth and improve dry, damaged hair.  Our products stop breakage while nourishing and strengthening hair.  Our rich concentration of ingredients are designed to protect and nourish dry, itchy and sensitive scalps.  We made sure that the products are made with the highest quality ingredients and can be used by the entire family.  A

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