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The Whole Family Essential Kit

The Whole Family Essential Kit

SKU: Item 111

Six hair care products for the whole family all for one price.  This kit gives complete healthy hair a new look.  These products have miracle hair growth, moisturizing and hydration ingredients, while giving a sheen that lasts. Recommended for all hair types and all skin types and daily use.


Set includes:

  • Coconut Moisturizer Shampoo 8 oz

Sulfate & paraben free, moisturize & PH level natural, great for relaxed & natural Hair, ease of combing hair, Improves texture for strength & repair hair, non-drying and gentle.  So mild it can be used on baby hair.


  • Miracle Hair Growth Conditioner 8 oz

Detangles, hydrates, and stimulates the scalp.


  • Enhance Hair Oil 4 oz

Promotes hair growth, soften, shining appearance, add elasticity & increase circulation.


  • Stimulating Hairdressing 4 oz

Soothes, relieves dry itchy scalp & moisturizers.


  • Hold Your Style Medium Holding Non-Drying Spray 8 oz

Silk protein for added luster, non-drying spray and leaves hair soft.


  • Finish Extra Shine Sheen 8 oz

Eliminates frizzles & helps prevent breakage. Shines, silken and makes hair softer to the touch.


Manufactured in the USA

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